So there is no bigger a reminder that Easter is on its way than when Just Born/Peeps comes out with their list of new products for 2020. This year, 2020, the list includes more than the pastel confections that you are accustomed to seeing (and probably eating) around Easter. This year, Peeps and Crocs (the shoe company) have teamed up for limited edition Easter Peeps Crocs, pictured above.

According to a press release, this is the first time that Crocs has teamed up with a candy company. The shoes that will be available are in traditional Peeps pastels, with a faux sugar coating (like you would have on the candy). You will also be able to purchase all of the different little Jibbitz to personalize your Peeps Crocs, just like you can with any of your other Crocs.

Will you be picking up a pair of these shoes for yourself? For one of your kids? To torture your parents with? Just make sure that no one tries to eat the shoes, like they try to eat the candy.

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