So here is something that I just realized this week while I was shopping at the grocery. I was wandering down the aisle at Tops and past the Easter candy when it occurred to me that after Easter we are out of "candy" holidays until Halloween swings back around later this fall.

Since last October, which we all know was really August due to how early they flip over the seasonal candy aisle, we have had a candy holiday one after the other, back to back. August of 2020 we started seeing the Halloween candy then we rolled straight into Christmas on November 1. Then as Christmas came to a close we were looking at the first Valentine's displays and before you could finish your candy heart we were into Easter.

The funniest part of all of this is that it is really all the same candy repackaged. Brach's make orange and black jelly beans for Halloween. Reese's has managed to make peanut butter cups into pumpkins, Santas, hearts and now Easter eggs. Hersey's kisses have changed foil wrappers faster than award show hosts change outfits. But now what? It is over until August.

I did have Jess tell me that they make red, white and blue M&Ms for 4th of July, but I don't think that counts. After all who has ever heard of 4th of July candy. Ok, I'll give you Pop Rocks but that's it.

Popular Easter Candy

From Halloween to Easter some of our favorite candy brands get reworked for each of the holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and finally Easter. From September to April we can eat candy to our hearts content. But have you ever realized that after Easter there are no more candy focused holidays until Halloween comes around again.

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