Does anyone else ever break any of these "rules"?

I had no idea that there was an actual list of rules that we are expected to follow anytime we are going to park our cars or trucks in a parking lot in the Hudson Valley. Yes, there is a list of rules and I'll be the first to admit that I have been guilty of breaking one or two of them.

According to Life Hacker, these are 10 things you can do to have perfect parking lot etiquette!


Don’t Park in a Handicapped Spot

Unless you have a handicapped license plate or a handicap placard hanging from your rearview mirror it is illegal to park in a handicapped spot. I'm hoping that you don't need me to tell you but besides it being illegal it's just flat-out wrong!!

Don’t Block Traffic Waiting for a Spot

Parking experts say that you should only wait a minute or so for someone to pull out of a spot, especially if there are cars waiting behind you. Some rule breakers will simply wait in the lot for someone to pull out, even though nobody is backing out anywhere nearby.


Don't Take Up Multiple Spaces

There is a reason why parking lots have spaces painted on the ground. They are there so that you can fit your car or truck in between the lines and someone can park in the spot on either side of you.


Park Until You Fit in Spot

As I mentioned above the lines are there for a reason. If you don't park right the first time, do it AGAIN! It's better to redo it than take up more than one spot.

Never Tailgate a Someone Leaving

Parking experts say that you should never, EVER try to follow someone to the spot they are returning to, to try and get the spot as soon as they leave it. This rule is one rule that I will admit I have done numerous times. I don't randomly follow them but I do roll my window down and ask them if they are leaving and if the spot is nearby I'll try to grab it.

Leave Quickly

When you get back to your car, get in, click your seatbelt, start the car and pull out as quickly as possible. Nobody likes someone who gets in and takes 15 minutes to pull out...LOL!

Use Blinkers

When you are waiting for a spot make sure that you turn your turn signal on in the direction you are going to turn once the spot opens up.

Take Whatever Spot is Available

This is a rule that most of us have broken a time or two. Instead of waiting/searching for the perfect spot take whatever is available, even if it is far away from the store you going to. I'm one of those people that always park far away from the store, I enjoy the walk, it's one of the things my kids complain about any time we go shopping. My response is always the same, "Your legs work, let's use them!!"

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