This has been quite a journey. An owl was found in New York state months ago that had suffered severe injuries. The owl may not have made it if not for the help of a number of individuals and organizations who worked together over time to help rehabilitate the injured animal.

According to New York Upstate, there are eight different species of owl in New York state. Some migrate back and forth by season, while other species are here year-round.

New York State DEC Helps Save Injured Owl

The New York State Department of Conservation posted on their Facebook page that the injured owl was found in December on the side of a rural Rensselaer County road. The DEC says that Wildlife Manager, Mike Clark was called about the hurt bird, who had a severe break to its left wing and a bloody eye.

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Clark brought the owl to to the Friends of the Feathered and Furry Wildlife Center in Hunter, where x-rays confirmed the break to the wing. The DEC says that for the next three months, rehabilitators from the organization worked with veterinarian to pin the wing give the owl some much needed physical therapy,

The DEC says that the owl has fully recovered and was finally released back into the wild.

Police in Hudson Valley Also Help Injured Barred Owl 

Sources say the inured animal was discovered in front of a business in the lower Hudson Valley in January 2023.

According to Bird Feeder Hub, Barred owls can be found year round across the state of New York. Barred owls are known for their distinctive sounding hooting call that carriers far through the woods, often described as sounding like “who cooks for you?"

The Town of Greenburgh Police Department shared on their Facebook page that their Animal Control Unit responded to a call about the inured owl. Police say the owl was found in front of a business in the village of Ardsley. Officials say they believe the animal sustained an eye injury, though they're not sure how it happened.

Police say the barred owl was safely secured and transferred to the rehabilitators at Animal Nation, which is a non-profit organization in South Salem

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