Ulster County, NY continues to be a desirable area for visitors to explore and new residents to reside in.

With a rich history that surrounds different towns and villages, new businesses opening and local natural beauty all around, it can be a breath of fresh air.

A historic Ulster County, NY town is beautiful, breathtaking and serene. This town also has 12 hamlets. I enjoy visiting this area, it brings me a sense of calm and relaxation with all of the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Shandaken, NY is a Hudson Valley town that has 12 hamlets, that's astonishing! The Town of Shandaken shared the hamlets that exist within Shandaken, NY.

Phoenicia, NY Is One Of The 12 Hamlets Located In Shadaken, NY

Shandaken, NY's hamlets consist of Mt. Tremper, Mt. Pleasant, Phoenicia, Chichester, Woodland Valley, Allaben, Shandaken, Bushnellsville, Big Indian, Oliveira, Pine Hill, and Highmount.

Phoenicia, NY is one of the most popular hamlets in the Town of Shandaken, NY. I was surprised to learn that a professional baseball player used to spend his time in the beautiful Phoenicia, NY area.

A new business has taken over a popular, well known location with Phoenicia but has already received positive reviews.

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Why Was Sweet Sue's Special To Ulster County, NY?

Sweet Sue's was a staple within Phoenicia, NY. This business first opened in the 1980's although there has been different ownership throughout the years. They were known for their famous pancakes.

Facebook users shared their love for this business with comments.

"some of the best times of my life"


"Great food! Great service! Great place!"


"So sad to hear of the closing and am so grateful for many memorable visits to your special and delicious business. Wishing you the best of luck!"


What New Business Is Taking Over Sweet Sue's In Phoenicia, NY?

Bettina has taken over the former location of Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia, NY.

This new business shared that they offer more to the community than being a cafe and market. Bettina explained,

"We’re dedicated to celebrating local community, come enjoy our twist on classic dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible."

They continued to share a farm up the road from Bettina where they have fresh cut flowers and grow their own herbs.

What Can Guests Expect When Visiting Bettina In Phoenicia, NY?

Guests can receive fresh roasted coffee, pastries and more at this new Ulster County, NY business

Bettina also explained that these products are 

"served in a welcoming and inclusive environment".

Bettina shared in a social media post about their "phenomenal food" thats now available in this historic, Ulster County, NY location.

Bettina's website shared their business hours of Friday through Monday from 8am until 4pm.

Did you ever visit Sweet Sue's in Phoenicia, NY before? Will you check out this business, Bettina? Share your favorite Hudson Valley coffee shop below.

Bettina Cafe & Market

49 Main Street

Phoenicia, NY

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