I'm a huge concert goer! My dad and I have gone to all sorts of shows over the years. He would call it my "Education in Rock and Roll." The very first concert I had ever gone to was Journey, Styx, and REO Speedwagon back when the MVP Arena in Albany was still known as the Pepsi Arena. Oh yeah, I was indoctrinated at an early age.

Growing Up Going to Concerts

My dad is probably my best concert buddy. Since we have a similar affinity for music, I know he will appreciate most of what I want to see, even if he doesn't know the band. And most of the time, he puts in the legwork ahead of time to learn about the artists. He'll say, "don't you want to invite one of your friends to this concert?" And I'll be like, "No one else would appreciate it like you would!"

Hearing about my dad and I's concert going is not why you clicked on this article. I bring him up because of how flexible he is. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor concert, whether we are in a crowded city or out in the middle of nowhere, whether we have the best parking spot or have to walk miles to get to the venue, he is all about going with the flow. What I saw the other day at a concert; however, might top that. They really exemplify, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." (You're going to hate that analogy in a moment).

Finding Relief at a Concert

I was at a huge outdoor concert recently where a couple of my favorite bands of all time were performing. We were in-betweens sets, and there was only about 15 minutes until the next band was supposed to come on. I try not to go to the bathroom during concerts, but I couldn't hold it this time. I knew if I wanted to enjoy the next band, I was going to have to make a run.

I go over to the bathrooms, and there was a huge line. Naturally, there was a long line for the women's room (sorry ladies!), but there was also a terrible line for the men's room. I'd even say it was longer than the women's room. And it was not moving. Men aren't used to waiting this long for the restroom. You could tell guys were getting impatient.

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All of a sudden, the line started to move. I noticed that it wasn't because people were making it into the bathroom, it was because guys were leaving the line! Swarms of guys collectively said, "Screw this!," and ran for some nearby trees. And they weren't even trying to be discreet! Fortunately, no one was outright showing anything, but you knew exactly what they were doing. You could see streams (shivers). There were easily a couple dozen guys doing this. You would have thought someone let a pack of dogs loose at a fire hydrant convention.

I even noticed some women leaving their line, and heading over to the trees, as well. Now that's commitment to this concert. They were more discreet, of course, but I was blown away by how lax, free, and out in the open this all was. I had never seen a wave of people of this degree just straight up use the bathroom in public like this. What was in the beer that night?

Your Thoughts on Urinating Openly at a Concert?

Now mind you, I have definitely used the bathroom on a tree before, but typically I try to find a spot far in the woods or away from people, you know? And I don't believe I have ever done that at a concert. But hey, when nature calls!

What do you think? Is it acceptable when the line is that long and you only have a couple minutes to just do your thing out in the open like that, or do you believe there should be more discretion and people should just wait for the bathroom? Are you cool with what they did, but couldn't do it yourself? Or do you condemn this act altogether. Let us know on the app or hit us up on social media!

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