Gov. Andrew Cuomo denied the creation of a containment zone in Kiryas Joel.

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On March 27, Orange County released a map of COVID-19 cases. The map showed Palm Tree, Kiryas Joel, had nearly 200 more confirmed cases than any other part of Orange County. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said on Tuesday a new map will be released later this week.

"Don't get fixated on the map. Are they are hotspots? Yes. Are we concerned about Kiryas Joel? Absolutely. Are they a majority of the cases in the county? No. They are probably 20 to 25 percent of the cases in the county," Neuhaus said on Tuesday in his daily COVID-19 update.

Neuhaus also confirmed he asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo to create a containment zone in Kiryas Joel, like one made in March within a one-mile radius in New Rochelle but was denied.

"A containment zone will facilitate extra resources, including a testing area there to try to put a lid on the spread of this virus. Governor Cuomo turned down Neuhaus's request," Tuxedo Park Mayor David McFadden said. "As a Mayor and resident of Orange County, I expressed my disappointment with the Governor's decision. The County recommends we focus our desire to create a containment zone for Palm Tree, KJ area, by contacting our State representatives."

Neuhaus said he's been talking officials from Rockland County who have similar issues to figure out a plan.

A request for comment from Cuomo's office hasn't been returned as of this writing.

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