How do you feel about going to the DMV? The Department of Motor Vehicles? Do you try to avoid it at all costs? Do you think that you will be sitting, waiting for hours for a simple transaction? The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles wants to change that and they have been working on solutions to make your DMV experience smoother, especially now. 

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When you get to the DMV, the only person that is allowed to be in the waiting area is the person completing the transaction. If you are a parent/guardian or interpreter you can also be in the waiting room. To be in the DMV, you will also need to be wearing a face covering or a mask.

One of the ways that you can avoid going to the actual DMV office is to see if you can complete your transaction online at the mydmv, website. Here are a few of the things you can do through the new mydmv website:

MyDMV Services

  • Change the address on your license & registrations
  • Get own driving record (abstract)
  • Monitor your teen driver (TEENS)
  • Check your license/driving privilege status
  • Check your registration information and status
  • Restore a license after revocation
  • Register to become an organ, eye or tissue donor
  • Register to vote

Also by registering with the MyDmv site, you will no longer receive (unless you opt-in for it) registration renewal reminders. The NYS DMV will stop mailing paper reminders to people in order to save costs on printing and postage. Should you still want to get the paper reminders in the mail, you will need to "opt-in' to do so.

Will this keep you from having to go to the DMV office and wait, only you will be able to decide that. Also, please note that you are only allowed to go to a DMV office that is also in the county that you currently live in.

For instance, if you live in Newburgh, you cannot go to the DMV in Beacon.

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