Do you have a CDL (Commercial Driver License) from New York State? Have you thought about getting one to add additional job opportunities for yourself? It is fairly straightforward to get a CDL, it will require a physical, but it will also require you to start with something simple as a regular driver's license and then get a CDL permit. Sound complicated? It isn't. 

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Why has New York State made a change to how people can earn their CDL?

New York made the change because there is such a high need for bus drivers across the state. One of the requirements that you will need to start driving a school bus is to have the two needed endorsements on your CDL, Commercial Drivers License.

How do you get a CDL with a Bus Endorsement in New York State?

You will need to pass the CDL exams and then also have an "S" as the school bus endorsement, and also a "P" as a passenger endorsement. You will need both of them to be able to drive school buses.

What is this "huge change" that New York State has made to make it easier to earn a CDL?

New York State has eliminated the 14-day waiting period that candidates normally have to wait between the written CDL test and the road test.

How can you find out if your school district needs bus drivers?

There is a fairly easy way to find out if your school district is in need of bus drivers. There is a link to the NYS School Bus Job Board. Remember that one thing all bus drivers need to have, that there isn't a test for is, patience. That, along with this license are probably the two most important things for each bus driver to have.

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