Police say a domestic dispute was the reason a New York state man drove his vehicle through a business late Tuesday night. The building suffered heavy damage, as police the minivan the suspect was driving crashed through front window. Officials also say the suspect was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

WKTV says the 53-year-old man from Clinton, NY allegedly sailed through the front of the nail salon in a minivan. Officials say the crash happened late Tuesday night, after a domestic dispute between the suspect and other person. Police say when they arrived, they saw the suspect actively driving inside the salon, destroying more of the interior of the building.

WKTV says the man was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief and driving while intoxicated.

NY State Statistics 

Motor vehicle traffic crashes were the leading cause of injury related death for New York State residents, according to the NY State Dept. of Health. During the period from 2012-2014 there were an annual average of 1,098 deaths, 12,093 hospitalizations and 136,913 emergency department visits because of motor vehicle traffic injuries among New York State residents.

Given the time this study was conducted, these numbers may have risen in the years since.

Another Crash

Another crash, involving a vehicle and a storefront happened in mid September. An elderly woman claimed her breaks malfunctioned, as police say the black Honda CRV she was driving ended up crashing through the front window of a restaurant Friday morning. Officials say a man who was eating at the establishment at the time was left seriously injured after this grandma's folly.


SUV vs Chicken Shack

The New York Post says the woman crashed her vehicle into Palace Fried Chicken in Brighton Beach Friday morning, telling police and witnesses nearby, "there was something wrong with the car." From the pictures posted to the NY Post, this pink tracksuit wearing old lady didn't seem too phased at all, as the victim of the crash was taken to the hospital right tin front of her.

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Hopefully the man will be okay. The pics show the heavy damage to the store structure caused by the large vehicle as it went through.

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