Are you thinking that you have got to get a new job, but because of COVID, you might be thinking that there is no one currently hiring? I was looking around a few job sites and found that on the New York State Labor Department Job Site there is just over 800 jobs available, and hiring right now, in Dutchess and Ulster County, NY.

Are these places hiring and using proper COVID practices to keep you safe? There is only one way to find out. Apply, and then keep applying until you get the job, not get an interview, but actually get a job.

What has been the most difficult part of trying to get a job during the last few months? Is it the businesses that have been closing because there hasn't been enough traffic to sustain operations? Has it been that potential employers are not returning your calls or even acknowledging that you applied?

While you are searching for a new gig, maybe now is the time to take advantage of some online job training skills? Ok, maybe it is not that easy because of everything else that you are doing in order to not just stay healthy, but to also make ends meet. Here is a link to the classes that NY is offering for free, online. 

Most importantly, when looking for a new job, don't give up. You will find something. Will it be a temporary stepping stone or a new career? Only time will tell. Good luck!

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