Do you think they have a waterfront too?

Every time someone mentions Newburgh right away I think of all of the fabulous restaurants on the waterfront, history, and all of the beautiful homes. Recently, I was trying to find a coffee shop to meet a friend at and I noticed the Google choices seemed a little off. Come to find out it took me to a different Newburgh......Newburgh, Indiana.

Newburgh, NY vs. Newburgh, IN...Are They Similar?

It's actually kind of funny because the areas do have some things in common. If you look at, there is also a historic area that is part of it.  You can go park your car and enjoy a day filled with shopping and many restaurants to choose from. Sounds like a day you can have here.

Now, this is a little too familiar...

Downtown Newburgh, Indiana is located right near the Ohio River. This means while you're eating and enjoying your day down there, you will also get some beautiful views of the water. You can't make this up.

More choices:

I was going through the list of restaurants on the Historic Newburgh website and I have to say it...the overview picture looks very similar. Newburgh, Indiana also has a museum you can visit and a lovely public library.

It's funny to think that there is another Newburgh out there in the world. If you have been to the Newburgh in Indiana or know someone that has been, send us a message on the station app and let us know how it is there.

Okay, we should bring it back to New York again, here are some things going on in our area:

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