Plan accordingly if you need to use the service. Thanksgiving is VERY quickly approaching and everyone is trying to coordinate their travel plans. However, even though it's a holiday many people still have to work and need to make sure they can get to where they need to be. The holiday season also means modified holiday hours for various modes of transportation. The Newburgh-Beacon Ferry will be having certain restrictions with their service.

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What holiday restrictions will be happening on the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry?


Yes, there will be a few things to be mindful of. There will be NO service at all on the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry for Thanksgiving (Thursday November 24th). That makes sense, usually when a holiday comes around that is the general protocol. There will be service available on Friday (November 25th), but it will be considered a "special service".

Click here for the full schedule.

Other transportation during the holiday:

Maybe you're taking the ferry, car, plane or other boat to get to where you need to be this year. Here's some general tips to keep in mind as you travel during the next few days:

  • Make sure your vehicle has plenty of gas
  • Double check your flight times and if anything is delayed or cancelled
  • Make sure you have your wallet, license, debit/credit cards and cash
  • Leave yourself EXTRA time to get anywhere
  • Be patient and considerate to those who are traveling or working

Have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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