New York is home to many fine wineries and one of the top wine producing states in the nation, so it makes sense that these great operations have had to adapt how they do business during these Covid times.

The team at (a great resource for NYS Winery info) has information on wineries across the state who are hosting virtual tasting sessions and happy hours online. All of the sessions you can watch (and participate in) if you'd like.

Here's how you can participate, click here to find the events calendar to see which winery is offering what type of event. One winery (Wagner) is even hosting a virtual dinner that is pairing their wines "with food served April 14, 1912, the final night of the Titanic's ill-fated voyage." How cool is that? You get to learn about wines and get a history lesson at the same time, it's a two-fer!

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Have you participated in any only happy-hours, cocktail parties or wine tastings will you have been observing social distancing? Do you prefer it as opposed to getting dressed up and having to leave your home?

If you are more of a beer enthusiast, here is where you might find something that strikes more your fancy, click here.

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