is the Coronavirus causing more people to have contact poison control? Looking at the numbers from the Upstate Poison Control Center, the answer might be yes. reports that state center, as well as the Centers for Disease Control, have seen a 20 percent spike in calls since January.

The more people use cleaning products, the better your chance for making a mistake. Simple math. Of course, cleanliness is on peoples' minds more than ever.

The report found that poison centers across the country received 45,550 exposure calls related to cleaners (28,158) and disinfectants (17,392) from January to March. That is a  increases of 20.4% from 2019 and 16.4% from 2018.

A lot of the calls are from people wanting to double check to make sure they're following safe procedures.

While we’re still getting the questions and the cases regarding unintentional pediatric exposures. We’re also getting calls regarding cases of adults.

Jeanna Marraffa, a toxicologist at the Upstate New York Poison Center, says one of the biggest issues is mixing chemicals.

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