A new study claims New York is the most responsible state when it comes to fighting COVID-19.

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A new study by The Truth About Insurance named New York the most responsible state in fighting COVID-19.

"But the state took and is taking the fight against the novel coronavirus very seriously," The Truth About Insurance wrote in its findings. "As we face another round of coronavirus infections or a never-ending first round, New York is in a good spot to fight back. The state has a large number of physicians — 375.1 for every 100,000 residents — and only 6.6 percent of New Yorkers don’t have health insurance.

The Truth About Insurance study looked into the number of people wearing masks in public,  the number of people staying home and COVID-19 tests per 100,000 residents for each state.

The study found in New York:

  • Adults Wearing Masks in Public: 53%
  • People Staying Home When Possible: 30.1%
  • COVID-19 Tests Given per 100K Residents: 18,176

"The last 137 days have been hell for New York as we were the epicenter of this pandemic. However, New Yorkers stood as one, acted responsibly and - as many other states in this nation are now grappling with new spikes of this insidious virus - the beast, for now, has been brought to bay in this state," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a press release. "This distinction is shared by every single New Yorker who did the right thing these last months, ignored the politics, socially distanced and wore a mask. Together, we climbed this terrible mountain and came down on the other side, but we can't stop now. We must remain disciplined and we must remain New York Tough. We've come too far to go back to where we were."

New Jersey ranked second in the study for most responsible states, followed by the District of Columbia, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

The Study found South Carolina to be the most irresponsible state. Kansas, Idaho, Ohio and Indiana round out the five most irresponsible states.

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