Stop the madness. You thought gas prices were high now!

That was my first thought when I read this story. An additional .55 cent tax on a gallon of gas? Seems crazy, especially considering how high gas prices are right now. But there is a bill in the works that could make this gas tax hike a reality.

According to a News 10 report, a "handful of senators" are getting behind the new bill called the Climate and Community Investment Act that could not only cause gasoline prices to go up a good chunk but could also lead to a 26 percent increase in heating costs with a new carbon tax. Ouch!

News 10 says "Supporters of the bill have said this would help transition to renewable energy sources." Personally, I have no problem with the intention of the bill and renewable energy, in the long run, not only helps the environment but maybe it saves us all money. But passing along the cost to hard-working New Yorkers who will really feel the pinch of such an increase does not feel like the right way to get it done. Especially when many are already feeling the pinch of existing high prices at the pump. The timing of such an increase would be terrible as the economy continues to try to build steam again. The last thing we need is to discourage folks from hitting the road for work and travel in the coming months.

Now a little bit of good news here: News 10 does say this bill is meeting opposition among New York Senators. Hopefully, it meets A LOT of opposition and the common sense approach of keeping money in the pockets of New Yorkers will cause this bill to just go away. We are already dreading the next trip to the gas station without a looming increase in gas prices! Could the timing of this proposed increase be any worse? I don't think so.

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