It's always exciting to find out that a new eatery will be opening in the Hudson Valley. Thankfully, our growing communities bring new opportunities for all.

Local residents get to try the newest flavor in town, which also provides more employment opportunities in our area. It seems that each town has had more business open up in the past two years than ever before.  Supporting local businesses is important within the Hudson Valley.

It's nice to see when establishments bring the community together which is what happens the majority of the time.

A new restaurant will open in Sullivan County, NY.

Fun at Fred's will be providing the community with their "fresh and handmade" options. They take pride in serving food that isn't frozen. They're excited for guests to try their wings and chicken tenders, they are known for being award-winning. They will have their grand opening in January 2023.

What will this new restaurant serve?


This family friend establishment will be known as the "neighborhood bar and grill". Not only will they have a full bar filled with liquor but even local, domestic and international beers on tap. There will also be wine in the house. Fun at Fred's also welcomes sports fans, there will be "many TVs" for those to enjoy

This restaurant will have outdoor seating with a beautiful view of White Lake. I had the opportunity to dine here before the previous restaurant closed down. The outdoor views of the water were breathtaking and relaxing. They will also have an outdoor covered patio which will feature a fire pit seating area as well.

Fun at Fred's has a heartwarming story behind it. Who is Fred?


When I heard the name Fred, I was thinking that it was in regards to a person. However, Fred was someone who the family was close to, their dog. Our animals and pets become family members, at times, we love them more than anyone else in our life. Their love is unconditional and pure.

Fred was known as being "the world's BEST dog". He was independent, a "tire chaser, frisbee freak and skunk admirer." He was also known for being a hero. In Ocean Beach, CA, Fred saved a surfer who was caught in the water, a riptide. According to his family, Fred was also a protector of those he loved dearly and was fun.

It seems that Fred had touched the lives of many and he will continue to live on. Not only with his family but with those who visit this new establishment in his memory. My Frankie was a black lab, who I loved dearly and still do. Fred's pictures remind me so much of him.

There's a lot to look forward to at Fun at Fred's.


This new establishment will also provide the community with a sense of togetherness.

Fun at Fred's plans to throw Christmas parties, especially for those who need some cheer in their life. If you're planning an event such as a graduation party, reunion, or birthday celebration, Fun at Fred's is able to host your event at their new venue.

Will you visit this new restaurant in memory of such a beautiful dog? Where is your favorite place to eat in the Hudson Valley? Share with us below.

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