New Hampshire is making waves by welcoming professionals from New York with open arms and allowing them to bring their licenses along

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New Yorkers who carry professional licenses and are looking to move to a different state but have been hesitant to due to the process of being issued a new license in a new state now have an option and that option is New Hampshire.

In a groundbreaking move, New Hampshire has recently implemented a new policy that will allow professionals to retain their licenses from other states, including New York, and practice their line of work in New Hampshire, virtually hassle-free.

This progressive move opens opportunities for people who want to practice their professions without having to go through the often frustrating, costly, and time-consuming process of obtaining a new license in the state of New Hampshire.

Under the new legislation, professionals with valid licenses from other states can simply apply to have their licenses recognized in New Hampshire which means people from other states looking to relocate or expand their careers in New Hampshire will now be able to.

This move to recognize out-of-state professional licenses will also benefit employers in New Hampshire who will now be able to hire qualified professionals from across the country without the barriers that licensing requirements often pose.

By embracing professional licenses from other states, New Hampshire is anticipated to see an influx of skilled and diverse professionals who will promote knowledge sharing, innovation, and the exchange of best practices.

New Hampshire is taking the lead nationally in recognizing professional mobility and breaking down barriers to employment. By allowing professionals to easily transfer their licenses from other states, New Hampshire has positioned itself as an appealing destination for licensed professionals and forward-looking companies.

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