Does Poughkeepsie need a new bakery? You bet it does! To this sweets loving person you can never have too many bakeries. And the one I’m about to tell you about is not your average bakery.

Kelly’s Bakery, on Delafield Street in Poughkeepsie (right next to Cosimo’s), is set to open its doors this week, and you are in for a treat. Kelly’s is owned and operated by partners Kevin Halim and Darrin Oakley. Who is Kelly? Kelly is their adorable Pomeranian, hence the name Kelly’s Bakery.

Kevin is a pastry chef who has worked in California, Massachusetts and New York. Kelly’s will offer fresh baked breads and pastries and brunch items, often made with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. During the lockdown Kevin and Darrin started posting some of their baked creations on Instagram and facebook. Soon they were getting requests for their breads doing drive through pick ups. Then they met Carlo Citera from Cosimo’s, found out about the bakery space and they will be opening the doors this week. Want a sneak peek of some of the baked goods and the new store? We’ve got pictures.

Sneak Peek of Kelly's Bakery

Wishing Kevin, Darrin and Kelly the best of luck in their new bakery. Thanks for bringing another great business to Poughkeepsie!

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