So, you finally need to get your drivers license renewed? You had some reprieve with Covid shuttering most of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicle locations, but things are starting to reopen and if you are one that needs to renew and get a vision test, what do you do?

There are a few options. Yes, you can make an appointment with a DMV location in your county to get your license renewed, but if you would like to try to stay out of there and do your renewal online or through the mail, you do have another option.

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Did you know that you can go to one of the 6,000 eye care provider locations across New York State, get your eyes examined and then that info can be sent to the DMV?  The information that is sent to the DMV will be valid for one year. So, you are getting your eyes checked anyway? See if your eye doctor is one of the 6.000.

So they aren't a participating office? That is ok too. You can have them fill out one of the official DMV forms and mail that in with your renewal forms.

If you would like to see if your eye care provider already is one of the approved providers or to find one close to you, click here. 

If you already know that your provider does not participate, you can print out this form and have them sign it at your next vision check.. Here is a link to that form. 

For a link to all of the 60 plus services that you can do online without having to go pay a visit (and make an appointment) to your local DMV, click here. 

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