This week on the Lite, Alex and I have been all about celebrating National Waffle Week. For those who do not know (and probably do not care) Waffle Week is the first full week of September.

This year its from September 7-11, 2020. One of the questions we had going into this week was, "What makes a Belgian Waffle different from a regular waffle?" So we decided to troll the internet and then also to make up a few recipes to see what kind of trouble we could get in aka, make waffles at work and share them with our co-workers.

So, back to Belgian waffles. Turns out there is just a few differences, one of which being the actual waffle iron that things are cooked on, the holes or the grids of the waffle are actually bigger than other types, our theory is that this means, the waffle will hold more toppings.

Next, the overall texture of the Belgian waffle is allegedly more light and airy than a 'made from a mix' waffle that you pour into your beloved waffle iron. The other Belgian difference? There is a different leavening agent. Some of the places we found suggest that it is the addition of whipped egg whites into the batter?

What does any of this mean to us? More tasty treats for us to eat!

What are your favorite waffle toppings? Who makes a better waffle, you or the diner? Hint, there is no wrong answer so you can just tell us!

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