If you have traveled out of the house over the last few weeks or months, have you had to get your temperature taken to get in anywhere?

After spending a few days in the "garden state" of New Jersey last week with my kids, the one thing I noticed that was a bit different than here in the Hudson Valley was the amount of times I had to have my temperature taken before I could go into a place.

The first time it happened was when the kids and I went to check in to our hotel in Long Branch. Before we could get to the main desk to check in, we were stopped by an employee who required us all to have our temps taken and after we did we were able to go on our way.

After we checked in I was thankful that they're doing it, because everyone in the hotel had to get it taken so I felt a little safer. After thinking about it I was wondering if places in the Hudson Valley are doing temperature checks as well?

I've been to a few places in the Valley and haven't had to have my temp checked anywhere. Jess said that her gym is doing temp checks before you can enter and she said that pretty much all medical places require it.

Some places are doing temperature checks in the Hudson Valley and according to a bunch of text messages we received, these are the places....

Bob's Discount Furniture
Allsport Fishkill
Pearl Vision
Most Hair salons
Most tattoo shops
Bulls Head Inn, Campbell Hall
Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz

Have you had your temperature taken at any other locations across the Hudson Valley? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

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