These strange signs have been popping up all over the Hudson Valley for years now. People are still seeing them for the first time.

What exactly do they mean?

The Hudson Valley region of New York has been an extremely popular location for filming movies and television shows. The Hudson Valley's historic buildings, beautiful scenery and close proximity to New York City has made it a popular destination for filmmakers. The area has even been nicknamed "the new Hollywood" by locals.

The diverse backdrops have brought some major films and shows to the Hudson Valley including Poker Face, White House Plumbers and Life of Beth most recently. A tax incentive in place to bring these movies to our region is also a big factor. The Hudson Valley Film Commission has played a large role in promoting the area to directors and producers.

A sign marked 'PLL' has popped up in Fishkill, New York once again and it has people wondering what it means.

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A woman noticed similar signs in the area back in 2021 and took to Facebook to get some answers.

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Roxanne Brennan
Roxanne Brennan

It turns out these signs are directions for a film crew. The sign is supposed to direct the crew on where to set up for a day of filming. Who knows who or what you'll see if you follow it although I'm not sure how close you will get.

Have you seen these signs anywhere?

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