A high school in the Hudson Valley sent out an alert about a possible mother-daughter tag team match that occurred on campus.

I don't know if staffers should have called the authorities of Jerry Springer.

High school hallways are a place where students will meet, joke, gossip and unfortunately sometimes fight. Parents of students in the Arlington School District received an email that described a bizarre incident that took place at the High School. According to the email from the superintendent, two female students got into an altercation before classes began on the morning of January 17.

The letter then takes a strange turn.

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Google Maps

The email proceeds to give more details surrounding the incident. According to the email, the mother of one of the students involved in the fight snuck into the school undetected by the school's security team just before the altercation occurred. What was she doing there? Not much more details were shared.

Teenagers are filled with angst and raging hormones which can lead to some irresponsible behavior but it is the parents job to reel them in. The parent was not authorized to be there. According to the letter, the mother was small in stature and was able to blend in with other kids and sneak past security.

The school's security team is reportedly now updating arrival procedures.

There is an ongoing investigation between the school and local law enforcement regarding this incident.

Most parents would do anything to protect their kids but this is going to far. Did the parent know a fight was going to break out? We're not sure of the extent of the mothers involvement yet.

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