The Village of Millbrook Police Department are trying to figure out who the lost property belongs to.

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Sometimes it can be very easy to misplace something and it can happen frequently. The Village of Millbrook Police Department put up a very interesting post and they are trying to get something they found to the right owner. Do you know someone who recently lost a piece of lawn equipment? More specifically, do you know someone who recently lost a lawn mower?

What did the Village of Millbrook Police recently find?

According to their Facebook Page, they have been asking the public if anyone has been missing a lawn mower. I know....I bet we have the same first question, how exactly does someone lose a lawn mower? As of right now there aren't any specific details on how the lawn mower got lost and who found it, but the police are trying to get the word out and get it to the right owner.

The lawn mower was turned into the police station on July 24th and if it's yours or you know who it belongs to people are being asked to call 845-677-8200. Don't just go try to claim, someone out there is really missing a lawn mower and don't make things harder for someone and the police. Sadly we have to give that reminder with how the world is today.

However, if it's your lawn mower and you get it back please tell us more about the story on the station app.

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