You never know who you will bump into in the Hudson Valley. More than ever, our area is continuing to expand and along with that are more opportunities.

The expansion of the Hudson Valley has brought more residents who then allow more job availability to be open which increases small businesses profit and then the community can grow together.

Residents have spotted many Hollywood celebrities throughout the Hudson Valley. Post Malone, Flo Rida, Kelsey Grammar, Ben Stiller and more have spent time in our area, it seems as if they may truly enjoy it here.

While some celebrities show up randomly, others make it known that they are arriving in the Hudson Valley.

One Of Hollywood's Biggest Stars Is Making An Appearance In The Hudson Valley

We won't have to be out searching for the next celebrity to pass through the Hudson Valley, there's one that we can count on that won't let us down and will join us for fun in our area.

This Hollywood star was born in the 1940s but has been in the show business since the 1970s. This singer and songwriter's major song has been performed all over the world especially before games.

Grammy, Award- Winning Country Artist Set To Perform In The Hudson Valley

You may have watched this celebrity win an award with the Country Music Association, The Grammys and Patriot Award.

With a lot of respect from first responders and military members, this celebrity gained popularity and still holds a great reputation. He has always vocalized his support for the US Troops and military. Hudson Valley residents are excited to welcome this gentleman to the Ulster County Fair.

Lee Greenwood Will Be Performing At The Ulster County Fair

You may know him for his popular songs such as God Bless The USA, Star Spangled Banner, America The Beautiful, Mc Donald's Theme and more. Songs such as Going, Going, Gone and I.O.U live on in music history.

Lee Greenwood will set the stage during the Ulster County Fair in New Paltz, NY.  On Wednesday, August 2, 2023, Greenwood will perform at 8pm. 

It's exciting to Hudson Valley residents that they can see this legendary star perform during a fun experience in Ulster County, NY.

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When Will The Ulster County Fair Take Place For 2023?

According to the Ulster County Fair, the fair will begin on August 1, 2023 and run through August 6, 2023.

Hudson Valley Country, The Wolf shared,

"One of the favorite events at the fair is the Baby contest. Back this year for family fun the fair is expecting "tons of cuties". If you have a baby 18 months and under you are invited to enter your little one in the adorable contest. The Ulster County Fair Baby Contest will be held on Sunday at 11 AM. Find out more and register your little cutie by clicking here."

The Ulster County Fair shared that they have several promotions going on Car Load Night is on Tuesday, Aug 1st and it's only $50 per car which opens at 4pm and closes at 10pm. It's a maximum capacity of 8 people per car.

Senior Days are Wednesday and Thursday, August 2nd and August 3rd where seniors are free from the hours of 10am-4pm. The Ulster County Fair has sensory safe hours Wednesday through Sunday from 10am-11am with no rides. This also happens Wednesday and Thursday from 11am-12 noon where the rides are available without any music or lights.

General Admission is welcomed Wednesday and Thursday from 10am-10pm. The Friday and Saturday hours are 10am-11pm and Sunday hours are 10am-8pm. Those who visit can pay one price of $20.00 and can be there from 10am until closing. Rides at the Ulster County Fair start at 11am.

Those who are interested can buy tickets online for $18.00. There is free parking available at the Ulster County Fair.

Who is your favorite celebrity that has visited the Hudson Valley? Are you going to attend the Ulster County Fair and see Lee Greenwood perform in Ulster County? Let us know below.

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