A member of the hottest band in the world was in Beacon performing tracks from his new album.

It's not every day a superstar decides to spend the day singing their new songs in the Hudson Valley. But that's what happened in Beacon when the lead singer of the insanely popular band BTS took over the Dia art museum.

RM (short for "Rap Monster") is not only a popular performer, but he's also a huge art fan. During a trip through the United States last December, the BTS leader says that making a visit to Dia Beacon during his downtime was at the top of his to-do list.

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In an interview with Dia Beacon, the performer says he was deeply inspired by the 60s and 70s artists represented in the gallery. Specifically, the large sculptures of Richard Serra which RM said he instantly thought would make a great backdrop for a performance of his music.

After completing his first solo album, RM inquired about returning to the Hudson Valley gallery with a film crew to capture a live performance film. The film features four songs from the new album, Indigo, including Wildflower and Still Life. All of the tracks are performed in front of the scenery and artwork at Dia Beacon that inspired the artist during his first visit.

DM calls Dia Beacon a "magical place" that appeals not only to seasoned art lovers but those who are just exploring the art world. The BTS lead singer says the large windows in the Beacon gallery let in lots of light that plays off the surfaces of the sculptures, creating a "visually amazing" experience.

Dia Beacon has published a guide to the artwork seen in DM's performance video. Visitors are also welcome to come and see the artists' works for themselves. The gallery is open Friday through Monday from 10am to 4pm. Advanced reservations can be made on the Dia Beacon website.

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