Dangerous conditions are expected all day and residents should be mindful while driving. The weather this season has been completely all over the place, one day it's 70 degrees and the next we're getting a storm and it's freezing. However, the weather today could cause some serious flooding conditions and one city in the Hudson Valley has already put up a warning about it.

What warning was put up by the City of Kingston, NY?


According to their Facebook Page, there is a potential for a tidal flooding event in the City of Kingston on December 23rd (today). Flooding is expected in the area and it could cause problems for local businesses and residents who are near the Hudson River and the Rondout Creek areas. Yikes...

What is being done to help with the potential flooding?

According to Mayor Steve Noble, sandbags will be distributed to the areas that are being impacted by the water. He also mentioned some prep has been done that includes clearing catch basins, storm drains and flood barriers have been installed at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. He also wants residents to be mindful of this and plan accordingly when it comes to commuting.

More trouble:

Ugh...t's the last thing we need right now, but the heavy rain could lead to more flooding, freezing rain and to top it all off high winds will be hitting the area, If you're out doing some last minute shopping or traveling please be careful.

What's the weather like in your area of the Hudson Valley? Is there flooding? Freezing rain? Share your answer with us on the station app.

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