Investing money into something we love or a good cause seems to be a logical thought. However, would you invest in an item from McDonald's?

McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Are Listed For Up To $300,000 on eBay


According to the Today Show, "McDonald’s limited-edition adult Happy Meal toys are listed for as much as $300,000 on eBay"

Recently, McDonald's stole the heart of those who used to get happy meals when they were younger. They now have had the opportunity to feel nostalgic by purchasing a limited edition adult Happy Meal.

How Did Those Who Purchased The Adult Happy Meal Respond?

While some were eager to have the limited edition toys, others put them up for sale on eBay. The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box has been the most popular option. Each meal includes one of the figurines which can include Birdie, Cactus Buddy, Grimace or the Hamburglar.

Each figurine will have two sets of eyes which is pretty funny. According to the Today Show, "The Cactus Plant Flea Market Box has already sold out at many McDonald’s locations across the country, meaning that the only way for collectors to get their hands on the toys is through the secondary market."

McDonald's Themed Merchandise Related To The Toys Is Available Online




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While some items are being listed for only $6.00, there are limited edition toys on eBay for up to $300,000. The question remains, who would pay that much money for a McDonald's Adult Happy Meal Toy? It'll be interesting to see who pays more than just $6.00 as time goes on. 

There was also a time that McDonald's featured celebrities as a collaboration with meals.  There was J Balvin, Saweetie, BTS and more.

How Did The Hudson Valley React? How Much Would They Spend?

Some stated that they don't eat McDonald's, while others stated they wouldn't spend any money on it. I would spend up to $10, to play along and have fun with it.

How much would you spend on the McDonald's limited-edition Adult Happy Meal Toy?

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