A targeted operation in the Hudson Valley led to 42 vehicles being impounded.

On Friday night, the Yonkers Police Department and Westchester County Police Department executed a vehicle and traffic enforcement detail in The City of Yonkers.

42 Vehicles Impounded in Yonkers, New York


Police were targeting license plate and registration violations in addition to equipment and moving violations.

"If it doesn’t belong on the road, we’re going to take it off the road, the Yonkers Police Department said in a press release. "The Yonkers Police and partner law enforcement agencies will continue to strictly enforce the rules of the road."

In total, 42 vehicles were impounded and over two-dozen summonses were issued during the police operation in Westchester County Friday night.


Violations ranged from fraudulent license plates, expired temporary plates, deliberately covering VIN numbers, no license plates and more, police say.

"Driving on public roads is a privilege, not an entitlement. Vehicles that are not properly registered, inspected, and insured are a safety hazard to other motorists and pedestrians, and often degrade the quality of life of our residents; more so, many of the overnight larcenies and catalytic converter thefts often involve unlawfully operated motor vehicles.," the Yonkers Police Department added.

Car Thefts On The Rise In Hudson Valley, New York


According to Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, the police sting was conducted because car thefts are rising in the region.

"Car thefts have risen in Yonkers and our police are taking action. It's good to see (the police) are out there being proactive to keep crime down in our city. If your car is unregistered, you will be towed. Bottom line," Spano said.

Two Arrested For Drug Possession in Westchester County, New York

Officers from the Yonkers Police Department also arrested two people for heroin and cocaine possession after a vehicle inventory search, police say.

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Police did not release their names or charges.

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