This is amazing to me and my mind is blown just thinking about how rare this occurrence actually was.  NASA Meteor Watch confirmed that the loud sonic boom and fireball seen traveling across  central New York sky was a massive meteoroid. Believed to be traveling at 56,000 MPH, it entered the Earth's orbit on Wednesday afternoon.  Hundreds of New Yorkers claimed to have heard it, and more than a few actually captured video of it flashing across the sky.  It makes me wanna grab my metal detector (that I don't have but WILL purchase for this) and head out towards the Syracuse area looking for fragments.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app reports that the meteoroid's estimated weight is at least one ton and they say that it may have traveled for a million or more years before it entered the Earth's orbit on Wednesday afternoon.

On the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page, they explained that the rare occurrence happened at 12:08 pm and added that it "entered Earth’s atmosphere over upper New York, between Rochester and Syracuse. Traveling westward at 56,000 miles per hour, it broke into pieces...producing a bright flash seen by the public and cameras in the area."

When NASA Meteor Watch was asked of they have any way of knowing if it completely burned up or if fragments of it would have hit the ground NASA replied, "Still working those numbers - it broke apart, so some small pieces may have made it to the ground."

Here's video from Bekka Gunner who captured this while dog sledding near the Eerie, Genesee border.


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