A member of the Marist football is accused of assaulting a teen student and threatened to "come finish her off."

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Sunday night, a 19-year-old female Marsit student was verbally and physically assaulted by a member of the Marist College football team, according to a Change.Org petition set up by the victim's cousin.

The petition states the woman was hit so hard on her leg she still can't stand on it without pain and has trouble walking. She also has bruises on her arm and chest.

Once the woman got away from the football player he is accused of sending her threatening texts and Snapchats saying he would be waiting outside her house to "come finish her off," according to the petition.

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"Marist college has been giving us the political responses to our worries about (the victim) being on campus with her abuser," Sandra Belluardo states in the petition. "I spoke to the Vice President, the head of security, and interim Title IX coordinator of Marist and essentially, because this did not happen on campus we cannot file a Title IX complaint. The resources offered to (the victim) were along the lines of giving (her) separate housing away from him and things of that nature to keep them away from each other — not once was expulsion or anything of the sorts brought up. I also sent a separate email to the President, security, the football coach, and the athletic director to which only security responded offering their full support and condolences for (the female student.)"

The petition is calling for the football player to be removed from campus. Marist College officials say an investigation is underway.

"The College has been made aware of an incident, which took place off-campus, and is fully cooperating with law enforcement in this matter. At this time, Marist cannot comment an on-going legal investigation. Marist does not condone assault and strongly encourages the reporting of incidences such as this," Marist College stated.

The victim's cousin says the police granted the victim a temporary restraining order. A meeting for a permanent restraining order is scheduled for next week.

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