How far are you willing to go for love? One smitten Scottish man recently traveled 5,000 miles to meet his Tinder match in person and take her on a first date — a wedding.

Patrick Campbell, 32, shared his "crazy" story on TikTok, where viewers were fully invested in his boundless romance.

His love story is now going viral.

Posting content under the username @PaddyCamp685, Campbell shared a video clip revealing his previous relationship ended in January 2022. In hopes of finding love, he turned to Tinder, where he matched with Bridget Kelly, a young American woman.

"[Tinder] is one thing I've never used before," Campbell explains in his clip. "I've never Snapchatted in my life at 32 years old."

He says he joined the dating app and "a couple of months later, I got a message from somebody I thought was very bonnie, very pretty. I was talking to her, and I swear she looked like she was from Edinburgh, which ... really f---ing confused me, but she wasn't."

As it turned out, she was from the U.S. — "4,700 miles away in Wisconsin in a place called New Glarus. I'm going to America, which is really f---ing scary because I've never been there before."

Campbell, whose mother was American, was determined not to let geography get in the way of his budding new romance.

The excited man ultimately made plans to fly from Glasgow to Dublin before making his way to Chicago and finally arriving in his date's hometown.

"F---ing insane," Campbell continues in his video with a nervous laugh, adding, "I'm going to America."

Watch below:

According to Kelly, who also documented her side of their love story on TikTok, their first meeting was something only written about in romance novels.

Kelly posted a video clip to TikTok showing their first meeting at the airport, where the newly matched Tinder couple shared a sweet hug.

Watch below:

According to Kelly's TikTok, she had also recently broken up with her partner and, after the breakup, decided to look outside of the U.S. for a beau.

Hoping to find a Scottish man, Kelly signed up for Tinder Passport, which is a paid feature that allows users to explore other cities and choose preferred locations.

After three days of using the app and targeting cities in Scotland, Kelly matched with Campbell.

After two weeks of chatting, it only made sense for her to invite him to the U.S. and attend an upcoming wedding with her.

In a jaw-dropping move for sweeping romance, Campell agreed and made the trip.

Kelly continues to share updates on TikTok as their love story blossoms, and according to her latest post, things seem to be going well.

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