How does the saying go? You can pretty much see just about anything inside of a Walmart.

Pretty much anything right? If you spend anytime in any of the Hudson Valley Walmart's at one time or another you've come across something, or someone that has stopped you in your tracks and made you shake your head, maybe you've even said, "What the heck is that?" I think there's a whole website dedicated to the crazy things we come across in Walmart's across the country. Well we can now include a guy allegedly setting off fireworks inside a store according to News 10 to the list of craziness at Walmart.

The fireworks "display" took place back on March 20th at the Walmart store located in Wilton, New York, located up North in Saratoga County and according to the New York State Police they have arrested a 22 year old male.

The male, Leonardo Miller, of Stratford, Connecticut has been arrested for setting off the fireworks inside the store and police aren't sure why the man did it, but did say that Miller was inside the Walmart looking around the electrics department when he set off several fireworks. When troopers arrived on the scene they were able to locate Miller, still inside the store and arrest him without incident.

Miller was arrested and charged with two crimes, unpermitted use of pyrotechnics in the 2nd degree which is a misdemeanor, he was also charged with disorderly conduct, a violation. Miller was issued an appearance ticket to go before a judge in the Wilton Town Court on April 6 at 4 p.m.

Thankfully nobody was injured during the incident.

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