There seems to be a lot of trouble when it comes to pronouncing this New York town name.

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So I'm still learning a lot of things about New York (some bad, some good) one thing that really stands out is some of the interesting names of counties and towns in the area. Before I lived here, a few years ago I spent a lot of time in Mahopac because one of my best friends was house sitting and staying at a small cottage on the water (Yes it was beautiful). I remember going into town and saying Mahopac, but someone corrected me and said it's Ma-ho-pac. I looked at them like they were crazy and just went into the next aisle.

Just recently I was talking again about Mahopac, the time I spent there and I said Mayo-Pac. Someone corrected me again and said it's pronounced Ma-ho-pac and then someone corrected them and said I was correct. It looks like there has always been a big debate on how you properly say the name. So what gives?

Is it Ma-ho-pac or Mayo-Pac? Lets settle this debate once and for all here. I wonder how long this will go on for...

Can you settle the debate for us? Have you heard of the Mahopac debate before? How do you say it? Feel free to send us some audio on the right way to pronounce Mahopac.

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