Does fruit belong on pizza? A Hudson Valley pizza shop has settled the debate and the answer might surprise you.

If you ask someone what their go-to pizza topping is they will probably tell you that it is pepperoni. Pepperoni is the national favorite by a long shot.

Is there such a thing as a bad pizza? I don't think there is. Put me in that camp. There are pizza toppings that I prefer over others and there are toppings that I would never order if I was paying for it, but don't think I have ever actually eaten a bad pizza and I have had some strange pies since living in New York State.

I have had a pizza slice with roast beef, French fries, and gravy on top. I have had calamari on my pizza before. I have even recently tried a salad pizza which is exactly what it sounds like. People like lettuce, bacon, and ranch on top of their pizza. People are allowed to have their imaginations run wild on their pizza pie but when it comes to one topping specifically, most New Yorkers get very defensive.

I get criticized all of the time for ordering pineapple on my pizza (I'm from the Midwest). I always order meatball and pineapple on my half so I get sweet and savory. The last time I ordered pizza they were all out of pineapple which is strange because I thought no one orders that around here.

Big Vinny's Pizza & Donnoli in Beacon

The pizza place, Big Vinny's Pizza & Donnoli in Beacon, New York offered me a substitute that is extremely popular there. They recommended adding raspberries on top. I was shocked. That was a first for me but who was I to judge? How different could it be from pineapple?

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I didn't know what to expect but I have to say it was delicious. I only got one slice. Everyone else I was with picked at my half. Not only was it good it might be my new favorite topping. I recommend trying it with ham. It will be a like a monte cristo. That is going to be my next order.


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