A few months ago, we shared with you information about "Little Free Libraries" that you might not have seen before throughout the Hudson Valley, but you passed them all the time.

Did you know that the same approach has been taken, or being used, with Little Free Pantries, too? I was heading back from the eye doctor the other day, when I spotted what I thought was another one of those little free libraries, (for the record, I love these. They give people access to books, for free, who might not have the money to read or just dont have the same schedule as a local library, access to reading materials. It's also a bonus if you are cleaning out a room and find several books that you won't read again, you can bring them to one of these little book havens and leave them to brighten someone elses day).

When I got a little closer, I realized that this was not a helm for books but one called a 'Little Free Pantry.' Whomever started this one, or stocked this one, had tolietries and non-perishable food items in it.

What I did when I got home, was look through my bathroom cupboard and my pantry cupboard to find items that I could just bring there and leave as well.

Remember that the items have to be non-perishable and that toiletry items are always welcome. The weather in the New York (Northeast) is very cold and if there are new socks (or even packaged underwear) that you recieved for the holidays, that were not your size or your style/taste, you can also bring these to one of these Little Pantries as well.

There is a website where you can list the Little Free Pantry on it. The one near my eye doctors office, is not listed on it. Does that matter? No. If you find that you can help others during this time, please do.

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