Do you like roaches? No, not that kind of roach. The bugs. Probably not. However, if you can tolerate some cockroaches living rent free in your home for about a month. it can earn you a couple thousand bucks. Desperate for some gas money? A company needs homes to participate in a study for them to help test specific pest control techniques, according to PIX 11. And the company performing this study says all their pest control methods are safe for family and pets.

Anyone interested?

Is This For Real?

A company based out of Raleigh, North Carolina called needs five to seven households to host the roach party for 30 days. You must live in the United States, be at least 21, and have written approval from the homeowner to participate in the study. Sending the roaches to a family member or coworker you don't like probably won't work. If your house is already infested with roaches, then you probably won't cut it either.

If Pest Informer fails to get rid of the roaches by the end of the month, then they said they'll dispose of them by using more traditional methods at no costs to you. Sign up HERE.

Where are the Roaches? 

It is uncertain how many roaches live in the average American house. A lot of it depends on the species of cockroach and their reproductive cycles, or where in the country you happen to live. Cooler dryer areas won'r have as many roaches. Warmer more humid climates are more conducive for them. The answer is you probably don't want to know.

Cockroaches Take Flight

Excessive heat and humidity aid inspire these things to go airbourne. Read HERE.


Roaches in Court

Yuck! Imagine you're at the local city court house trying to clear up a matter when hundreds of roaches are scurrying everywhere under foot? While the thought of roaches in a court house may sound funny, and could lead to a number of jokes, at least one person is now facing charges for the stunt that occurred Tuesday.

Anyone have a can of RAID nearby?

Piotr Adamowicz
Piotr Adamowicz


WNYT is reporting that four people were being arraigned in Albany City Court when one of the defendants began recording. The court told the person to put away the camera, however WNYT says that this lead to a confrontation with one of more of the defendants. It was around this time that hundreds of cockroaches were released from plastic containers all over the courtroom, according to officials.

It is not certain what exactly the plan was here. Could this have been some sort of prank to put up on websites like YouTube, or other social media pages? There is no word why the defendants were being arraigned, or how they got the plastic containers in the court to begin with. Was this some strange form of protest? Who knows? WNYT is reporting though that one 34-year-old defendant is now facing charges on disorderly conduct and tampering with physical evidence.

Name a Roach After Your Ex

The Bronx Zoo has a lot of fun with this every Valentine's Day. Read HERE.

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