If Taken actor Liam Neeson told me to do anything, I would do it! The former Jedi Master wouldn't have to even use a Jedi Mind Trick on me to do it. Liam Neeson is one of the most respected actors of the last 50 years. His work spans stage and film, covering genres like action, adventure, historical, romance, drama, comedy, sci-fi, and more. Now, Liam Neeson has partnered up with a Hudson Valley Film Company in his latest mission.

Liam Neeson Featured in Latest Upstate Film Promotional Video

As if Liam Neeson couldn't get any cooler, he was just featured in the latest promotional video for Upstate Films. The 25-second ad starts off with a narrator introducing "Straight Talk with Liam Neeson." The video transitions to Neeson sitting down in a nice, comfy chair that I can only assume in his home. Neeson looks into the camera and says,

"So, Upstate Films. Be there. Support it. Okay?"

Wassaic NY resident Liam Neeson delivers the line, pointing at the camera, in a way that's reminiscent of his ,Brian Mills character from the Taken series.

Upstate Films Membership Drive

So, Mr. Neeson, how can we be there and support? Upstate Films is in the middle of its membership drive. Upstate Films' 2023 Membership Drive is happening all throughout June. You can join the not-for-profit organization for benefits (free screenings, members' discounts) and for the knowledge that you are supporting the Orpheum, local Saugerties businesses and the art of cinema.

The first $25,000 of memberships and donations in June will be matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor.

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Upstate Films is celebrating 50 years of cinema. They run The Orpheum in Saugerties and Starr Cinema in Rhinebeck. The mission of Upstate Films is:

We believe that the moving image—the most powerful storytelling force in human history—can shape a kinder, safer, more equitable and sustainable world. We bring together our neighbors, filmmakers, artists, schools and organizations, along with visitors to our region, using movies and other media-based storytelling. Our programs build empathy, a sense of connection and a stronger appreciation of our communities and our planet.

You can become a member by signing up at the box office, or you can sign up at upstatefilms.org.

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