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Sometimes I find myself in the middle of the most bizarre conversations. I was with some good friends the other day and we starting talking about laundry and jeans. The conversation morphed into a bigger topic, which was how many days is it okay to wear to jeans before washing them. Random I know....


How often should you be washing your jeans?

I will be very honest....I do wear my jeans a few times before washing them. It's hard for me to find a good pair of jeans that fit and I usually have to rotate between a few pairs. Now don't get me wrong...I pay very close attention if they get icky and each night I fold them pair and pants and put a dryer sheet in them (Please, I'm not gross). I usually stick to 4 days and then a wash, but my friends had some different thoughts. One friend said 3 times before washes and other friend said 6.

Really, how often should you be washing your jeans?

According to sources, as long as they don't smell stale or not good you can wear your jeans up to 10 times. Denim tends to be more thick so you can get away with wearing them more often. If you wash your jeans too much ( I have done this as well) you can stretch out your jeans too much and it can mess up the elastic in them. Hmmm...all are interesting points.

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