New York state is filled with roadside attractions. In the Hudson Valley, residents and visitors could spend a day exploring different counties to see what landmarks they come across.

Some attractions are hidden meanwhile, other landmarks are clearly visible and well known.

The Hippie Muffler Man in Sullivan County, NY may be something you see out of the corner of your eye, which is what I experienced. He was worth turning around and checking out more.

The Largest Cat, Lucky is a giant statue that you cannot miss except for exploring the grounds of Orange County, NY to find his exact location.

A Dutchess County, NY attraction has gotten a lot of attention from local residents and out of town visitors.

Where Is The Hudson Valley's Largest Fork In The Road Attraction?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

The Hudson Valley's largest fork in the road may be something that you saw on social media. Dutchess County, NY residents may already be aware of this attraction and its exact location.

While this may be a part of a daily sight on someone's commute, there are nature lovers and history buffs who come from far to see this fork up close.

FInd The Hudson Valley's Largest Fork In The Road Landmark In Dutchess County,

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

New York Upstate shared information about The Largest Fork In The Road In Red Hook, NY.

"A real, 31-foot tall stainless steel fork. Coming off the Taconic Parkway and heading to Red Hook or Rhinebeck?"


"Well, here in little Milan, N.Y., you will actually have your chance to finally see the "fork in the road" ahead of you!"


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Where Did The Fork In The Road In MIlan, NY Come From?

Canva, Google Maps
Canva, Google Maps

On Roadside America, the artist of The Fork In The Road shared his personal story about this unique attraction.

"I am the "artist" of a 31-foot fork made of steel. I placed it standing upright in a triangle at the intersection of NY Rt. 199 and 308."


" Needless to say it has been a real attraction since it was erected on Jan 1 2000 [a millenium fork]."

Artist Steve Schreiber shared additional information of why he created a fork in the road.

"It all started out as goof for me since I like "punny" things! It sits on state land [that I mow and maintain] in "downtown Rock City" -- this Rock City existed long before Rock City Tenn."


"In all kinds of weather I've seen people stop and take pictures --guess it's becoming a landmark! Can I claim that it's the largest fork in the road in the world? Why not !"

The location of The Fork In The Road in the Hudson Valley is at the intersection of route 308 and 199 in Milan, NY. The location may also be referred to as Red Hook, NY.

Have you ever spotted the fork in the road in Dutchess County, NY? Which Hudson Valley landmark or attraction is your favorite? Share with us below.

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