A family-owned and operated ice cream, food and mini golf business on Rt. 299 in Highland that brought great food and fun entertainment to Ulster County for a number of years has officially announced that they are closed for business.

Lakeside Licks Business On The Market, January 2022

Back in early 2022, passers by may have noticed signage outside Lakeside Licks Ice Cream & Hole In One Donuts on State Route 299 in Highland, as the space and business officially went on the market.

Owners shared that it was time to 'pass the ice cream scoop' - offering the building, which had been operating as an ice cream, food service and donut shop inside, plus the property which is home to an18 hole mini golf course, plus, two ice cream trailers and an ice cream truck.

Lakeside Licks
Lakeside Licks

2023 would have marked the ten year anniversary of the Lakeside Licks Highland location, but they've been serving the area for longer than that with locations in Speculator and Milton. You may remember back in 2019, shortly before the onset of COVID-19, they expanded the business to include successful homemade donut offerings.

Although they officially put the business on the market ahead of last year's season, right around this time last year they announced they would be opening on April 21, 2022.

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Lakeside Licks/Hole In One Donuts
Lakeside Licks/Hole In One Donuts

Lakeside Licks Highland Announces Closure

Ahead of the 2023 season, the well-known family owned Lakeside Licks in Highland has announced that they will not be reopening.

In a social media message on April 2nd, they shared the following message:

As you have figured out by now, we will not be returning this season. We would like to say goodbye to our customers! You will be missed! Thank you for your loyalty and support! It was our pleasure to serve you!

Commenters shared their gratitude for the business and staff, and thanked the family for what they brought to the area.

By the looks of things, it appears that a landscaping business will soon open in the space, as signage has begun to go up at the location.

Outreach for comment from the Lakeside Licks owners has not yet been responded to.

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