If you've driven down Route 299 heading into or out of the New Paltz area over the past few years, chances are this cool business caught your eye.

Maybe it was the fun mini-golf course.

Was it the giant banners outside that said DONUTS?

Or perhaps the fleet of ice cream vehicles lined up outside.

Well, this could be your chance to own this really cool, multi-faceted business, as Lakeside Licks Ice Cream & Hole In One Donuts on State Route 299 in Highland is officially on the market.

In a recent social media post, they indicated that the owners have decided it's time to 'pass the ice cream scoop' and they are selling the whole established business.  What does that mean?  Well, included in the sale are the building itself, along with the property it is located on, the complete set up for ice cream, food service, and donut shop.  Plus, it also includes the 18 hole mini golf course, two ice cream trailers and an ice cream truck.

For those not very familiar with Lakeside Licks, they opened their Highland location back in the summer of 2013, but they had actually been around a bit longer with locations in Speculator and Milton.

In early 2019, Lakeside Licks in Highland expanded their mini golf and ice cream offerings to include amazing homemade donuts, and they even had create your own options where you could essentially design your own donut.

So now that the time has come for the owners to sell the business, what do you think - would you like to see someone come in and keep the ice cream, mini golf, donut operation going, or do you see something else succeeding in this prime Ulster County location?

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