Sadly, it looks like it was recently vandalized and the condition of it is just getting worse. Whenever you see an abandoned building you always hope that someone will purchase it and open up a cool business where it is.

Sometimes it happens, but other times the building just falls into ruins. One building in Lagrangeville seems to be just getting worse in shape and you wonder how much more it can take before it has to get demolished.

What happened to this abandoned building in Lagrangeville?

A. Camilleri/Canva
A. Camilleri/Canva

It's located a little before the Shoprite in Lagrangeville off of 82. For years I have passed by the building and have always wondered why nobody has purchased it. A few people wrote in and mentioned that the building used to be a popular fish market back in the day. It's in a perfect spot because it's off a busy road and it's very easy to see.

A. Camilleri/Canva
A. Camilleri/Canva

However, when I was driving by a few weeks ago I noticed that it looked like the building had been vandalized. Two windows on the right of the building were almost completely broken and it looks like someone broke the window all the way to the right.


About a week later I drove by and noticed that two of the windows had been boarded sad. With the way the building is looking, it seems like it's going to get destroyed before anything can move into it.

What do you think should go into the building? Do you think it's too far gone to be fixed? Did ever go to the fish market when it was open? Let us know on the station app.

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