Have you noticed a difference?

Some of your favorite stores and pharmacies may have been already preparing for the change. Guests who visit these locations have been able to tell a difference before the news has been finalized.

Hudson Valley Stores And Pharmacies Are Reducing Hours Of Operation


The announcement of reducing the hours of operation is due to labor shortages.

According to CBS News,

"CVS and Walmart are reducing their pharmacy operating hours across the U.S. to improve employees' work-life balance as the chains continue to struggle with staffing shortages in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic."

CVS said it will be,

"adjusting hours in select stores" come spring, as part of a periodic review of "operating hours to make sure we're open during peak customer demand." 


Are CVS And Walmart The Only Stores Set To Change Their Hours?


According to Forbes, Walgreens has made this announcement in the past about reducing their hours due to the shortage of labor as well.

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Guests may already notice this at their Walgreens location.

What Happens If A Pharmacy Is Closed When A Patient Needs Assistance?


This may be a question that a lot of us are asking ourselves. What happens if we need something from the pharmacy but it's closed?

According to a CVS spokesperson, 

"If a pharmacy is closed, a patient can visit any open CVS Pharmacy location for assistance with their immediate prescription needs,"


What Will The Experience Be Like At Walmart Locations Going Forward?


Customers may see a difference the next time that they make a visit to any of their stores. Walmart is also reducing its hours as well. They hope to also make a change in their employees, "work-life balance".

CBS News also provided,

"By positioning our teams in the hours where our customers say they want to visit our pharmacy, we are better able to deliver excellent customer service and support our associates as they continue to serve their communities every day," 

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What Will Happen To The Staff Of These Stores That Are Reducing Hours?


Those who are not only concerned about receiving their prescriptions during the new hours of operation of these stores, but they are also wondering who will be filling their medications.

According to CBS,

"In mid-June, Walmart announced higher wages for more than 36,000 pharmacy technicians, raising their average hourly pay to more than $20."

Forbes claimed that,

"Shortages have led to highly stressful job environments for pharmacists, according to a report by the National Pharmacists Workforce Study, with problems ranging from work-life balance issues and heavy workloads contributing to burnout."

Hopefully, the solution to the labor storage can be solved by reducing hours and providing workers with a more balanced lifestyle.

What store or pharmacy do you visit the most? Share with us below, will you be affected?

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