In the 1770's, Kingston was the first capital of New York. This historic area is also the home to the oldest intersection in America.

According to Atlas Obscura, "The only intersection in America where the buildings on all four corners were built pre-Revolutionary War. "

Kingston locals may already know about The Four Corners, it's where Crown and John Streets come together holding historical secrets from the pre revolutionary war era.

Kingston, NY has deep, historical roots and continues to be a place where people want to live, flourish and grow within the community.

Do You Remember Kingston, NY's TIny Home Idea?


In 2022, it was under discussion to bring tiny homes to Kingston, NY. Those homes were meant to help those in need.

Four tiny homes were set to be placed on the lots of Cedar and Franklin Street in Kingston, NY. These homes were planned to be built through a partnership with the Family of Woodstock.

Additional information about Kingston, NY's tiny home process can be found on their website.

What Were The Emergency Housing Conditions Like In Kingston, NY?

Ulster County Government, Canva, Choice Hotels, Rodeway Inn
Ulster County Government, Canva, Choice Hotels, Rodeway Inn

A press release from Ulster County, NY gained attention in 2023. At the time, Ulster County Executive, Jen Metzger had some concerns about the emergency housing conditions involving a local motel and DEC violations.

According to Ulster County NY GOV,

"Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger has directed the Department of Social Services to halt emergency housing placements at the Rodeway Inn in the Town of Ulster. On Thursday, April 27, the Ulster County Department of Health communicated to the County Executive's office that the State Department of Environmental Conservation served the Rodeway Inn with a violation of their wastewater operating permit. "

Ulster County Executive Jen Metzger made a visit to a motel on April 28, 2023. This unannounced visit allowed Metzger to see the conditions in person and therefore, was able to make a decision. Ultimately, this would include ending emergency housing at the motel's location.

Metzger explained that this progress will take time but they have two projects that are being looked over. The idea of a "county-owned emergency housing facility" could place families along with a "county-supported project by RUPCO to create transitional housing with wrap-around services."

In 2024, Kingston, NY is still making progress in assisting those in need of housing.

How Is Kingston, NY Among New "Pro-Housing Communities" In New York State?

New York State shared that the program for "Pro-Housing Communities"

"will allow communities to join in the effort to promote housing growth. "

Recently, The City of Kingston made a post on social media explaining their role in the Pro-Housing Community certification by New York State.

The following information is from the City of Kingston. 

"Mayor Steven T. Noble and the Office of Housing Initiatives are proud to announce that Kingston has been certified as a Pro-Housing Community by New York State, one of only 20 Statewide and the first in Ulster County."


"In 2023, Governor Hochul signed an Executive Order to establish the Pro-Housing Community Program in order to recognize and reward municipalities actively working to unlock their housing potential and encourage others to follow suit."


"Localities that have successfully unlocked housing growth or committed to taking important steps to support housing, such as by streamlining permitting and adopting pro-housing policies, and that have applied and submitted critical housing and zoning data to the state, will receive a certification from New York State Homes and Community Renewal that will make them eligible for $650 million in state discretionary funding."

Kingston, NY is not the only Hudson Valley city to receive this recognition.

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What Hudson Valley Cities Are Also Noticed As "Pro-Housing Communities"?


Besides Kingston, NY there are other Hudson Valley cities that are being recognized as "Pro-Housing Communities".

New York State shares Hudson Valley cities that are also a part of the "Pro-Housing Communities".

The city of Kingston, city of New Rochelle, city of Newburgh, city of Poughkeepsie and city of White Plains are 'Pro-Housing Communities" in the Hudson Valley.

Which Hudson Valley Villages And Towns Are Involved In New York State's "Pro-Housing Communities"?


The village of Croton-on-Hudson and the town of Red Hook are also involved in the "Pro-Housing Communities" within the Hudson Valley.

What are your thoughts on the Pro-Housing Communities in the Hudson Valley? What should be done next? Tell us more below.

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