Is there something this Ulster County area is missing and really needs?

An empty space is always a bummer because it means some restaurant or business had to close their doors for good. Never a fun thing to talk about, the only silver lining is that a new business will hopefully be able to move in and start a new chapter. One space in Kerhonkson sure could use a facelift, some new positive energy and a new plan.

What's the story behind My Little Ranch in Kerhonkson, NY?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Honestly...maybe you can tell me more about it. The sign says sports bar and grille and on Google Maps it looked like it was in much better shape a few years ago. There's not a ton of info out about the My Little Ranch restaurant so if anyone has any stories or experiences there, please share it on the station app. Also, can you tell us when it closed down?

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I have been to Kerhonkson a few times and it really is a beautiful area. An empty space like this could do really well if the right business comes along. It makes you wonder....what does the Kerhonkson area really need and what is it missing? We need some Kerhonksoners to come in and tell us straight from the source. Also, please share that answer on the station app.

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I know it sounds like I just gave you a lot to do, but this is coming from the girl who was raised in Connecticut so I'm looking for the voice of the people.

Speaking of places, here's a hotel that could use some work as well:

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