You don't have to be a parent to realize how scary it can be for a child during an emergency. Even as grown-ups there are times when things happen that make us feel unsure and scared, so imagine how those events feel to a child. For a while now local police departments and emergency responders have kept stuffed animals available for children who might need something to hold onto during a scary situation.

Today the Kingston Police Department shared on their Facebook page that thanks to Kay Jewelers they now have a few more stuffed bear recruits on the force who will be ready to help them help local children during an emergency. As you can see from the picture that they shared in their post the new recruits look very huggable.

Unfortunately, in todays world kids can be witness to so many things that happen. It can be as simple as a car accident where a parent gets injured. Or maybe as serious as something happening in the child's home environment that has resulted in the police department having to be called to resolve the situation. These scenarios and others are why police departments and emergency workers travel with stuffed companions that they can share with children in a tough situation.

Most local police departments in the Hudson Valley along with many ambulance corps accept donations of new teddy bears and stuffed animals for children. If you would like to make a donation that could help a child when they need it most, why not do what Kay Jewelers did and reach out to your local fire department, police department or ambulance corps to see if they are accepting donations.


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