Jennifer Lopez mentioned a Hudson Valley location during one of the most popular movies of her career.

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Everyone in the world knows who Jennifer Lopez is....she's a singer, actress, designer and one of the hottest people in Hollywood. Lopez's early movies are still great and some of them are still favorites amongst movie lovers. The other day a classic JLO movie was on and I was shocked when I heard her mention a Hudson Valley spot in it.

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What movie did Jennifer Lopez mention the Hudson Valley in?

The other night I was looking for something to watch and I got really excited when I saw 'Maid in Manhattan' was on. It's one of my favorite Jennifer Lopez movies and its about an adorable maid who falls in love with a hunky politician and it follows their crazy journey, how love conquers all and how they get their happily ever after. The movie came out in 2002 and you can still put it on anytime and enjoy it. How about that Hudson Valley connection in it?

When did Jennifer Lopez mention the Hudson Valley in 'Maid in Manhattan'?

In the beginning of the film, Jennifer Lopez's character (Marisa Ventura) has to explain to her son why he his father cannot attend his big speech at school. Their son is very upset and asks why his Dad is not there and Lopez then goes on to say "He had a construction job in Poughkeepie".I wonder where?

It's funny because when I was younger I watched this movie A TON of times and had no idea where Poughkeepsie was, the reference must have gone over my head a dozen times. Now having a completely different perspective it was pretty cool to hear somewhere close to all of us in a big Hollywood film.

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